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About Me

My name is Guoyou Sun(孙国佑). I was born in 1984 at Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China.
I was graduated from Hangzhou Normal University in 2008.  I'm an amateur astronomer and I am committed to discovering new objects, My astronomical discoveries include comet, novae, supernovae, asteroids, dwarf novae and Planetary nebulaetc.
Astronomy Experience


In 2005, I began to come into contact with the astronomy.
In 2006, I discovered my first comet SOHO and NEAT asteroids.
In 2008, I began to participate in Xingming Observatory Sky Survey project.
In 2009, I discovered my first nova.
In 2010, I discovered my first supernova.
In 2015, I discovered my first comet.


Discovery List Awards and Honors:

◇ the 2015 Edgar Wilson Award